Top St. Louis Auto Body Repair

When it comes to collisions, Maaco body shop repair costs average up to 33% less than dealerships and other body shops. Our auto paint and auto body repair work is guaranteed with a warranty honored at all of our nearly 500 Maaco body shop locations.
Location : St. Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 776-5955

American Automotive Services
We are one of the largest family owned Collision Repair Centers serving the City of Saint Louis. Services We Provide: Enterprise Rent a Car on Site. Compliance with all Major Insurance Companies. Perfect Color Match.
Location : St. Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 531-2800

E.B.G Collision Center
E.B.G Collision Center is dedicated to restoring your collision damaged vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions before repairing your vehicle with accuracy and precision, and with our lifetime warranty you can be assured we will deliver the quality we promise.
Location : St. Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 781-2660

St. Louis Auto Body
Expedient and expert service for when you need to get back on the road. At St. Louis Auto Body, we provide a wide range of repair services for cars, trucks, and motorcycles . Our expert repair- and craftsmen are certified to take care of your vehicle.
Location : St. Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 771-3091

Ernie Pattie Collision Center
We do it all mechanical work from A to Z at savings to you. Collision Center for all auto body repairs. Paintless Dent Repair. Total Car Detail from carpets to exteriors. Bring back that shine like new. Tires, Alignments, Balancing.
Location : St. Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 752-0400